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For over 25 years, Clear Fold Door, Inc. has produced the highest quality, high-speed enclosures for the car washing industry. Due to our patented design, we are able to fit the unique applications with a customized product.

Clear Fold Door is the practical solution for any containment requirement. Whether containing heat, cold, mist or sound, Clear Fold is the solution.

With its high speed patented design, clearing a ten foot opening in less than one second, equates to a huge savings in energy bills every month. A Clear Fold Door has proved beneficial when containing mist from awaiting vehicles entering the wash as well as retaining sound from a noisy tunnel. Certain municipalities are requiring car washes to use devices to minimize sound levels that a car wash emits. The Clear Fold Door has been proven very effective in this instance.

In 1979 we had a vision to produce a door that would provide energy retention while achieving an “open for business” appearance. The problems we faced with garage doors going up and down were numerous. Potential customers would drive by when the door was down because they perceived we were closed, even with the 2 foot OPEN sign on the door that was missed. In addition to the “closed appearance” the garage door would “freeze-up” and would not open. These problems alone were enough to prompt us to develop the Clear Fold. But in addition and most important of all, in a “touchless” industry, when a vehicle would impact a solid door…everyone involved had major problems-- repair the door and of course the vehicle!

Compared to the containment of a solid door, a Clear Fold Door will eliminate the costly problem of trapping a customer and vehicle inside the carwash in the event of a power or mechanical failure. Any loss of income for door repair is nonexistent compared to the lengthy downtime waiting for repair or replacement of a solid door’s panels. The Clear Fold Door can be manually opened and the car wash can remain operational.

The Clear Fold Door is engineered and manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials and components. As a family owned business we always preach, “build and serve the best and let the others follow.” We have developed hundreds of satisfied customers for over 25 years and pledge to continue our commitment.

The Clear Fold Door is simplistically designed and constructed of all Hot Dipped Galvanized support structures, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum components for durability and long life. With it’s standard, padded 100% overlapping PVC panels and four stainless steel rod pistons, Clear Fold is the right choice for all car washes.

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